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Love and pain can be one and the same in the eyes of a wounded child.

Just because you haven't been diagnosed doesn't mean that you don't have it...

4 April
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I'm Amanda, I'm 14, I was born in Virginia, then moved like a thousand times and now I'm in Phoenix,AZ. This is the longest I've stayed in one school, even though I've already moved once while going to this school, and I'm about to move pretty far, even though I'll still go to the same school. Enough about that though. I am a freshman in highschool which pretty much sucks, but I have alot of cool friends to make it better. My dad lives in Virginia along with all my family. I can't remember him and my mom being together though, because I was 2 when they divorced. My mom has a fiance(Mike), and they are taking fertility drugs to have a baby. That's pretty awesome. I guess that's all, except that I'm the oldest child. Well, ok, you can go see my journal now... I guess.
P.S. Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and FLCL rule!