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suffer_thechild [userpic]

September 10th, 2005 (09:29 am)
pissed off

I'm freaking: I'm pissed that I'm grounded
I'm listenin' to: Have A Nice Day- Bon Jovi

I haven't written because my computer's been broken. School has been okay, but there has been so much drama I can't even remember it all. The biggest thing is that there are two groups formed from our old one, with the exception of Beth who goes to both sides to spread rumors and start drama. I am in Spanish club, and thinking of joining photography club. I want a boyfriend! I am just too afraid to ask anyone out because I'm scared of getting rejected, and all the guys that ask me out, I have no desire to be with. Me duele tanto. Sorry, just felt like writing in Spanish because I adore the language, I think it is my favorite class. I am grounded and it ends Wednsday, it's stupid, just for not cleaning the house. My mom said that a fourteen year old is old enough to clean up and help out... whatever biatch, like I even listened to a word she said. I got drunk Thursday night, and the next morning my mom tells me I'm getting out of school a little early for a doctors appt. I was scared because when I got to school, my friends said they could tell I had been drinking because my pupils were dialated. I also thought they might do a test and somehow see. Luckily, even though I kind of doubted the doctor would find out, my mom rescheduled the appt. I hate P.E. the teacher makes us go out into the hot sun, and play football, and then she says she doesn't want to hear our complaints, because she's out there six times a day, whatever, that's just because all she does is sit there in the shade relaxing as we get all sweaty working our asses off. God I hate being grounded, it is so boring. I wanted to go to a football game with my friends yesterday, it sucks. Anyways, I'm not going to say there is nothing more to write about, but there's so much going on in my life that I'm just gonna screw it.