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suffer_thechild [userpic]

November 14th, 2005 (06:47 pm)

I'm freaking: determined to raise my grade!
I'm listenin' to: The Gorillaz-Feel Good Inc.

Ok, some interesting news, my friend knew this guy Mike who she introducted me into, now she's trying to "hook us up", and I dont even really kno the guy. She keeps askin if I want to go out with him, and I'm like what the hell I mean I just met him like 2weeks ago, and he's 17 so yeah. Lucy says he's into me but I don't know, he's not really a perfect citizen, I mean he says he won't do anything I don't want him to like smoke and such, but it is very hard. Ususally it would be an absolute no, but I don't know, he is nice, and hot, but it's just, he's older, oh and he takes online highschool courses cause he dropped out, I guess its not that bad since he is still taking courses, but I don't know... Whatever, I am tired of talking about him. I had to take Flamenca in Spanish club. Yeah, let's just say I'm no swan. My new knickname with me friends is chicken, because that's what they say I looked like, the said I was so long and akward looking. Whatever, I am gaining weight quickly though, which is good, because I kind of have a figure now yay! I am tired of being through my akward stage, thank god i'm out of it pretty much now. I saw Zethura with luz the other day, and we thought curfew was 11, but it was 10, so we almost got in trouble(luckily the cops didnt see us... It wasn't our fault our ride came late, if anything I couldn't wait to get home, IT WAS FREEZING! About 65 degrees, I guess winter is a comin, and yeah. My brothers voice is changing! Ew it's just too wierd, I know it's natural, but I want his small cute voice back, not his scratchy transitioning one. Looks like I only have 3 f's now, but I think I can manage a d in eng ansd a b or c in pe yay!, maybe not chem tho, im still having trouble catching up with work since my "school related" absence, yet I do mange to do semi-excellent in Espanol, I have to take a verb test tomorrow remindedness. I have seriously been craving some hard alchohol, but I can't give in, I must not be tempted by such a shallow thing. Well I bid adieu and leave with this parting thought, (Cartman to Brad):Hehehehehehe I made you eat your parents!! (Boy crys) (cartman starts licking tears) MMM yummy, tears of unfathomable sadness yummy... (Stan to Kyle): Dude, we are never pissing Cartman off again...


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: November 15th, 2005 08:01 pm (UTC)

Yo, you get your braces off soon? unfair. I dont get mine off till my sophmore year...stupid british teeth.(the british have unsightly teeth,my family's british...see the connection? lol.)
p.s.yay! for trying to stay off alchohol,keep it up okay?
@___@(yeah, my smileys are kind of mentaly challenged. whatever.)